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For the Wrestlers & Talent

Promoting careers of today, Honoring careers of the past, Monetizing your career.

Your WQ Profile is everything! It's your face to the world to tell your story and showcase you at your best through pictures, graphics, and video!

Make Money

WrestleQuest offers unique and exclusive money-making opportunities. Yes, you can generate money directly from using WQ! (details revealed April 2018!)

Global Exposure

Expand out of the local social circles and gain exposure to new Fans and Promoters around the world using this "all things prowrestling" community.

Promote Yourself

Your WQ profile is listed along side top free-agent wrestling talent from around the world and can be viewed by fans and promoters everywhere.

Network and Get Booked

Network & keep in contact with your fellow wrestlers, promoters, and promotions! Utilize booking tools to get more bookings!

Unify your Social Media

When you post comments, images, events on WQ, your post can "push" to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media!

One-Stop Destination

Link your merch sites, images, videos, podcasts, and social media to your WQ Profile creating a one-stop destination for your fans! Showcase your Wrestling Career through your WQ Profile!

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"A new level of Fan-Wrestler Interaction."

For the Fans

WrestleQuest is a Wrestling Fan Community

WrestleQuest isn't just for the wrestlers and promoters. It's a FREE destination place for all wrestling fans!

Discover, Follow, Share

Discover, follow, share, and engage with Pro-Wrestling stars and Promotions near you and around the world!

Find Live Events near you!

Find info and be notified of LIVE Wrestling Events near you and around the world!

WQ Fan Profile

Create your own custom WQ Profile to let the world know what kind of wrestling fan you are!

Exclusive content

Access to exclusive WrestleQuest content and exclusive content from your favorite Wrestlers and Promotions!

WQ Events

Participate in exclusive WQ events and activities! Including rankings, polls, and fan debates!

Interact with Fans

Discover and interact with wrestling fans near you and around the world! Discuss (and debate) wrestling with like-minded fans!

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"Extend your brand to an entirely new fanbase."

For the Promoters

Promote your Brand DIRECTLY to the Wrestling Fan Community

Your WQ Promotion Page is your one-stop fan destination to connect all of your media, merch, and to showcase your brand through pictures, graphics, and video!

Build your Brand

Build your Promotion/Brand Awareness with unique & innovative features only available to promotions on WQ.Expand your brand reach to wrestling fans near you and around the world!

Promote Your Events for Free

Promote & Share your events, event posters, results, and "post-show" photos with the WQ community.

Find & Book Talent

Scour the WQ Talent Profiles with all the latest pictures and videos to build your roster and events!

One-Stop Destination

Announce shows, post your upcoming shows, promote DVD's, iPPV's, streaming events, merch, and everything else you have to offer, all on WrestleQuest!

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Welcome to WrestleQuest
Welcome to WrestleQuest®

Welcome to all those who are completely impassioned and driven by Professional Wrestling. For each of us there is a reason we've been called on this quest to follow pro-wrestling, this... WrestleQuest, "if you will". For Fans, it is a quest to be entertained, to cheer, to loose yourself in the arena, gym, or VFW hall. For Wrestlers, it is a quest to entertain, to fight, to feel the energy of the fans, and to scratch that f'n itch. For Promoters and all of the Talented Personalities involved, it's about watching those doors open, seeing the fans roll in with anticipation, and the feeling of satisfaction as the ring comes down at the end of another hell of a night. And now, your quest has brought you here, to mix with the rest of us animals, to the place we can continue our WrestleQuest together.

Thank you for joining us. And after four years of development and construction, welcome to WrestleQuest.

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